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5 Cool ways to use the Chromecast Extension

Cool Chromecast Extension uses Now that you have the Chromecast Extension installed, it’s time to take advantage of it.  Below are 5 different things you can do with the Google Cast extension you may not know were possible. 1 – Use VidCast to cast almost any web video to your TV Do you often browse sites like Vimeo, Buzzfeed, TED, Dailymotion or Funny or Die?  I’m sure you wish that the...

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Use the Chromecast Extension to stream local videos from your PC

One of the most sought after features of the Chromecast is to be able to stream video files form your PC to your TV.  There are many ways to do this with other devices but none are as easy to use as the Chromecast.  I have tested out quite a few methods to do this and have found that Videostream works the best.  Follow these simple steps to start streaming videos...