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Google Chromecast products and extensions reviews. Stay tuned and get all necessary information needed for the Google Chromecast – Chromecast Extention

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Chromecast Ultra 4k Review And Setup

I’m happy to bring you the new Chromecast from Google – The Chromecast Ultra which is 4k capable as well and we are going to go ahead and open it up and show you what’s new with the Chromecast Ultra. We’ll plug it in set it up and show a couple new things as well with the Chromecast Ultra, So let’s get started! Now to start, there is a small box as...

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Great Streaming Media Chromecast Alternatives

Streaming Media Alternatives So you bought the $35 Chromecast and have determined it’s not working out for you or you just want more.  Fortunately you are in luck.  With everyone jumping on the Smart TV bandwagon these days, there are tons of alternatives to choose from.  With companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Roku all fighting to take over your Television set, each company is trying to do something uniquely different to...