Chromecast Extension

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  • David

    Why do I send myself a reminder?? Is it possible or not to download google cast to an Apple iPad?

    • David Ramplin

      What a dumb website – this could be used for students to see how goad / annoy ones own customers

    • Chris W

      As of right now, there is no Chromecast Extension for Chrome on the iPad.

  • Jeff Frost

    I think it is pretty stupid and a waste of mine and everyone else who has to send their own self a reminder email when all we (google chrome) user’s need is a link that will take us directly to the install page and just let us install the extension and be done with it. No of course not, instead we are forced to send a reminder email to our selves which doesn’t work either so what is the point. I spent the money to by the chromecast and all it has done is cause me nothing but headaches and frustration. Thank you for that.

    • Chris W

      I think this only happens when installing from a mobile device. If you try to install the extension from you PC, you will be able to install it without Google sending you a reminder. As of right now, there is no Chromecast Extension for mobile devices.

  • Veronica Garza

    what are yall talking about? i just downloaded the chorme cast to my laptop and have it on my phone and all 🙂 thanks

  • Said Alizadeh

    The Chrom Cast Extension is installed on my laptop and has worked before. But somehow the cast icon in chrom is disappeared, Anyone who knows why?

    It seems that I’m not able to re-install it. As shown in capture, it says “Added to Chrom”
    Thx in advance

    • Said Alizadeh

      It was just a matter of enabling the extension in Chrom. It works again 🙂

    • Tom

      Have you found out why your cast extension keeps disappearing yet? I have the same problem. I can always get it back, but most of the time I just don’t use it because getting it back is such a hassle.

  • Dawn Boyer

    I have Chromecast but the video stream, although it works, come in dark. How do I lighten it up?

  • Tom

    Why does my cast extension keep diapering?
    The hassle of getting it back keeps me from using it.

  • King Rex

    I had the chrome cast app working well on my iPad . It disappeared. I can see the extension on the screen among the apps. But when I open YouTube in the Google Chrome browser, I can’t get the cast extension to send what am viewing to the tv screen . What can I do? I need urgent help here. However, my mobile phone has the extension working all the time.

  • Khanh Tran

    I lost chromecast extension on my laptop with window vista two days ago after restoring system. I tried to download the extension to watch Netflix and YouTube but it is not successful after many tries. Please help! Please answer my question?

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