Popcorn Time now Supports Streaming to Chromecast

Popcorn Time Android

In case you haven’t heard of it, Popcorn Time uses torrent technology to let you watch just about any movie or TV show that you can think of.  The services works very similar to Netflix or Hulu Plus except the video is streamed using a P2P (peer to peer) connection.  Because of this, the service is 100% free which has caused a lot of people to question the legality of this service.  As it is right now, the website is still online and ready to let you stream any video that you want.

Previously, you were able to watch any Popcorn Time video from your PC or the Android app, but now you are able to cast videos to your TV through the Chromecast.  The functionality works just like any other app.  Just keep in mind that this service usually does need a bit more time to buffer than Netflix or HBO would normally need.  This is due to it using P2P technology.  For those of you who are worried about the legality of this server (which you should be), the Android app allows you Chromecast with a vpn connection established.  This means that all of the traffic from your internet connection is funneled to another private network.  This can help hide the fact that you maybe streaming questionable content.  With the Chromecast VPN option enabled, I wasn’t able to start streaming any videos.  Maybe they are still working out the bugs.  From what I’ve read on the web, a lot of other users experienced issues with the VPN connected.

Popcorn Time Android VPN

You can download the Popcorn Time app for Android from here.  No, you are not going to find this app in the Google Play store.  You will need to make sure that your Android device is set to allow you to install third party apps.  If you have a Windows PC, you can download the Windows Application from here.  The Windows App supports the Chromecast as well.  Please keep in mind that this server is questionable.  Of course, Chromecastextension.com is not responsible for anything that may happen to you if you use this service.


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