Use the Chromecast Extension to stream local videos from your PC

One of the most sought after features of the Chromecast is to be able to stream video files form your PC to your TV.  There are many ways to do this with other devices but none are as easy to use as the Chromecast.  I have tested out quite a few methods to do this and have found that Videostream works the best.  Follow these simple steps to start streaming videos from your computer to your Chromecast.


Install the Videostream and Chromecast Extension

1.) As with most Chromecast related things, you need to download and install Google Chrome.  You can download Chrome from here.  Once Chrome is installed, sign in with your Google account and head over to the following links to install the Chromecast Extension (Google Cast) and Videostream.  If you already have the Chromcast Extension installed, click on the link to download Videostream and proceed to the next step.

Download Chromecast Extension

Download Videostream Extension

Click the “add to chrome” link in the upper right hand corner of the web page to add the extension to Chrome.


Download the Videostream app on your smartphone

2.) One of the coolest things about Videostream is you can control your videos right from your Android device (sorry iOS users…no app yet).  Head over to the link below to download the Videostream app form the play store.

Download Videostream app


Open up Videostream on your PC

3.)  Now the fun begins!  Casting videos from your PC is as easy as opening up the Videostream extension and pressing play.  When you install the Videostream extension, the Google launcher will be installed onto your PC.  Inside the launcher there will be a link to open up the Videostream plugin.

Open the launcher by clicking the icon next to the start menu icon.

Google Launcher Icon

Once the launcher expands, click the link to open up Videostream

Google Launcher Videostream icon



Begin casting your tab using the Chromecast Extension

4.)  If you have used the Chromecast Extension before, then you probably already know how to do this.  Click the Google cast logo in the upper right corner of Google Chrome and start casting to your Chromecast.


Google Cast Extension Icon

Google Cast select a Chromecast


Select a video to play

5.)  Now that your casting Chrome to the Chromecast, select a video to play on your TV.  On the Video stream website, click the “Select a movie to play” link and choose a video file.


Videostream select a movie to play

Once your movie has started playing, you will have the ability to pause and stop the video from the Videostream webpage.

Videostream Controls



A couple of notes…

If you decide that you don’t want to use the Google Launcher, it might be tough to launch Videostream.  The figure out how to launch Videostream, go back to the Chrome store and click the “Launch App” link.  Once you have the videostream site open, you can bookmark it for future use.

Launch Videostream




Videostream offers a premium version of their service.  The premium version costs $1.49 and gives you the following features:

  • Playlist support – Create a playlist which stays saved when you close Videostream
  • No Ads
  • Control what plays next from the App
  • First dibs at beta features
  • Support

Video stream can stream mp4 and MKV videos to your Chromecast.  They are currently working on being able to stream AVI files as well as additional MKV files to your Chromecast.

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